~Weekly Watch List

Administrator - Thursday, 26 February 2015 12:00

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Weekly Watch List

NASDAQ5417.36  chart+23.59  chart +0.44%

S&P 5002246.19  chart+4.84  chart +0.22%

SPY225.15  chart+0.55  chart +0.24%

GLD111.57  chart-0.26  chart -0.23%

WYNN90.72  chart-11.27  chart -11.05%

MCRB9.69  chart-0.09  chart -0.92%

VRX15.44  chart+0.36  chart +2.39%

JUNO18.75  chart-0.20  chart -1.06%

BIIB289.54  chart+4.24  chart +1.49%

AMZN767.33  chart-3.09  chart -0.40%

NFLX123.24  chart-2.15  chart -1.71%

AAPL112.12  chart+1.09  chart +0.98%

TSLA192.29  chart-0.86  chart -0.45%

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