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Our last watchlist produced some great gains up to 400% for our readers!

This week we are looking at Bottom Play’s:  ? ? ? ? ?
along with a few others. Good Luck and keep making that money!

Please continue to check our webpage for daily updates: http://huntforthenext10bagger.com/ and

Do you have a pick you think is going to go?
Please PM me or email me @ ruliquid@gmail.com

Accumulation Play SRNA

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24 hour GOLD Spot Price

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Weekly Watch List

NASDAQ4787.317  chart+29.065  chart +0.61%

S&P 5002072.83  chart+5.80  chart +0.28%

SPY207.64  chart+0.53  chart +0.26%

GLD115.16  chart-0.22  chart -0.19%

^VIX12.07  chart-0.18  chart -1.47%

ELRA0.0007  chart-0.0001  chart -12.50%

CIHN0.0025  chart+0.0002  chart +8.70%

JNSH0.0145  chart-0.0025  chart -14.71%

SRNA0.36  chart-0.017  chart -4.51%

SIMH0.014  chart-0.001  chart -6.67%

TXHE0.0007  chart-0.0001  chart -12.50%

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