~Weekly Watch List

Administrator - Thursday, 26 February 2015 12:00

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Weekly Watch List

NASDAQ5180.97  chart-76.43  chart -1.46%

S&P 5002141.16  chart-0.18  chart -0.01%

SPY213.98  chart+0.10  chart +0.05%

GLD120.83  chart+0.09  chart +0.07%

WYNN95.27  chart-0.73  chart -0.76%

MCRB12.32  chart-0.04  chart -0.32%

VRX21.96  chart-0.10  chart -0.45%

JUNO28.47  chart+1.06  chart +3.87%

BIIB290.65  chart-9.01  chart -3.01%

AMZN818.99  chart+8.67  chart +1.07%

NFLX127.50  chart+4.15  chart +3.36%

AAPL116.60  chart-0.46  chart -0.39%

TSLA200.09  chart+0.99  chart +0.50%

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